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Currently, little evidence has been gathered on the impact of listening to preferred music on the healing experiences of cancer patients, justifying the need for qualitative inquiry. Three disease-free women that survived breast cancer were invited to share their stories about how listening to preferred music assisted in decreasing their symptoms of depression, fatigue, and pain during their recovery. Data analysis followed a multiple case study methodology. Findings reveal the importance of listening to music and its affect on the emotional and physiological state of cancer patients, as well as their ability to cope with their illness. Four major themes emerged from the transcripts of participants: Music as Vibration, Music as Getaway, Music as Emotion Regulation, and Music as Spiritual Validation.

The Research is now avilable through Proquest.


By Maya Zebley

The FBI recruits a music therapist as an undercover agent to investigate a brutal murder case. . .

Dafna Armstrong is a 30-year-old, single music therapist who is dedicated to providing music therapy sessions to her hospice patients. On a whim, she attends an FBI recruiting session led by Agent Cobain. In a surprising move, Dafna joins the investigation team just to get closer to Agent Cobain, even though she remains in doubt about her skills as an undercover FBI agent.

AJ is their suspect. He is a famous rock star who became a criminal suspect when his past love interest disappeared. Although the FBI questioned him, no clear evidence was found connecting him to his lover’s disappearance. As soon as AJ was no longer considered a suspect, he fled to the Philippines, but years later he comes back to the USA to receive aggressive treatment for his recent cancer diagnosis. Upon his return, Agent Cobain sees an opportunity to re-open the case. To allow for a thorough investigation and aiming for a confession, the FBI manipulates AJ’s medical files. He is told that he has less than six months to live and is admitted to hospice care where he meets Dafna, the music therapist.

Now, who will be the first one to discover the loophole in the criminal case? 

Reading the book you will find references to 10 songs. The songs’ titles and lyrics are part of the plot and assist Dafna Armstrong, the main character, to solve a cold murder case. To listen to the songs, please visit 

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